At a very young age We learn to make a distinction between you And me. Simple, right? But what if somehow What if somehow I could see the world from your perspective And you could see it through mine. Think for a second.

I'd know all your hopes and dreams. You'd know what it's like to have a daughter who struggles with, is she black enough, is she white enough? You would know what it's like to not have enough confidence to express your ideas. You'd know what it would be like for people to take your culture and turn it into a theme party.

You would know that every time that you say you have a husband, people pause. To be gender nonconforming. To be comfortable being uncomfortable at a lot of times. You'd know what it's like to lose your little brother to HIV. You'd know that there is struggle and pain, but also a lot of hope.

And suddenly Suddenly And suddenly you would see That although our lives are very different They are also very much the same. And that bigger than you and me Is Us. And as us, we know this. You don't have to look like us, worship like us, live like us, or love like us, to stand with us. Of course, you'll always be you.

And I'll always be me. But there's nothing stopping us. There's nothing stopping us. There's nothing stopping us from becoming us. We're stronger as us. We're stronger as allies.

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